TVD AU: Elijah saves Elena and her parents from a car crash, and she falls in love with him. After she has graduated from Mystic Falls High School and earned her BA at her dream university, with help from a mysterious scholarship program Elijah found, Elijah proposes. 

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► The Original Christmas

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So I’ll be dead?
And then you won’t.

For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

[AU] - Some of the greatest love stories end in tragedy. Protecting the one he loves from danger, Elijah is gravely injured. Elena rushes to his side, vowing to save his life. However, she is too late. With his last breath, Elijah tells Elena the one thing she needs to hear.

So why do think Elijah would be the right guy for Elena if there’s all this competition?

I’m not sure that he is the right guy for Elena. [x]


This is a prayer circle for Elejah in season 4 

AU meme » Elijah and Elena as the Doctor and his companion.

“It’s in the very classical sense of the older, more regal tradition of the vampire - it’s often the older guy and the fascinating, maiden-like beauty. There’s something Dracula about their relationship.” - Daniel Gillies
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seventeen: elena gilbert & elijah mikaelson